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I offer You the chance to Experience Freedom

"Yes, there is something MORE to life!"


Imagine for a moment:

A child is born, and within a few seconds of birth, that child thinks: "Ok, just give me some food and some clothes and I'm good." "I don't want or need love, being held, safety, connection, attention, being heard or being understood."

"I am totally independent and capable without anyone."

Sounds bizarre right?

Humans are born wanting and needing love, connection, understanding, acceptance, validation, touch, certainty, encouragement on. Do not allow any new age theory of "we should not need anyone" to overshadow your true humanness.

Almost everything in our society promotes, fear and separateness. News, politics, social media, music, even self help promotes independence. 

Do you see why we can feel lost, disconnected, lonely, misunderstood, afraid, hostile, angry unsatisfied, unfulfilled, helpless and hopeless.....?

We "need" to reconnect.

The people I serve are those individuals that are looking to move to the next level or, next chapter in their lives depending on various aspects.

This is the connection between where you are currently, and where you want to be; socially, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically.

Consider your level of comfort in life with regard to career, relationships, family, friends, finances, your body, your emotions, outlook and overall well-being.

The relationship you and I will build, will move you in the direction of FREEDOM!

FREEDOM from worry, anxiety, fear, feelings of being "stuck", uncertainty, lack of fulfillment, disconnection, separateness, indirection and indecision.

You know where You want to be in life. You know, the who, you want to be in life.

I help you discover how you will become YOU.


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This music literally helped me see my future self as I walked towards a more balanced life.  ------>


Your Source for Personal Growth and Expansion through Mind and Body Connections

As above, the experience I offer is: FREEDOM. Freedom  sounds simple in many aspects. However, many find it challenging to accomplish on their own in a timeframe that is satisfying. 

Reconnecting with YOU. Connecting with those you love. Sharing time and conversations. Finding the love within Yourself as well as within others. Strengthening connections with family and friends. Having a better understanding of who YOU are leads to better understanding those around you.

In a world that is Disconnected, or connected remotely or virtually we often miss what all humans naturally need. "CONNECTIONS"

Ultimately, YOU will make decisions that YOU feel comfortable with that will lead you to a feeling of being FREE yet, Connected.

My areas of focus are:

  • Relationships, Pre-Engagement & Marriage (Friendships & Dating)

  • Family Dynamics & Parenting

  • Emotional Men  / Masculine males managing masculine emotions

  • Positive Mindset and Law of Attraction / Thought management and consciously creating

                                                          *** See the SOLUTIONS Page***

The majority of our challenges in life typically come down to having a mindset that is not in line with our goals. Or, beliefs that are unfounded and those beliefs hold us back from becoming our best selves and living our greatest lives!!!!

Once the mind and body are aligned, we see great success in many areas of our lives.

We may be hesitant to seek help because of shame or embarrassment. In a world where everyone on social portrays their lives as "PERFECT" it's sometimes difficult to admit, we would like a hand at experiencing a better, more balanced, happier, more fulfilled life.

You are most likely reading this because you feel it is your time to stop waiting and wanting and to start doing.

I will listen to YOU. I will challenge you. I will guide you. And in these processes, YOU will rediscover YOU.

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