Unlike traditional "Therapy" or "Counseling" which may be lengthy, taking months and even years to see positive results........

We use Active Achievement Processes where, YOU are aware of your current thoughts and behaviors and YOU become aware of the steps YOU need to take for positive change.

Coaching through Compassion and Self-Inquiry is the approach used for going within to discover our own true nature.

With a Compassionate Self-Inquiry approach, we learn to be gentle with ourselves.

Much in the same way we are gentle with others.

Going within to understand ourselves is a key approach to long-lasting healing.

As we heal, we explore ideas, we grow creatively and we expand as individuals.



Your Source for Personal Growth and Achievement through Mind and Body Connections

Sometimes, we sit down and look at our lives and realize, we are not quite where we want to be with regard to certain things. It could be our career, family, social settings, finances, friendly and intimate relationships or perhaps overall feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Perhaps, it may even be a diagnosed issue like Anxiety or ADHD. Maybe, you are having some personal issues that are not diagnosed and simply have a feeling that something is not totally balanced in your life.

As an experienced Connection Specialist, I will work with you to help you uncover the things that seem to leave you feeling out of balance. Using a Thought-Based approach through Cognitive Behavior Therapy, we will walk through a basic day in the life of YOU, and determine what the cause or causes may be. We will look at your life now, look forward to where you want to be (physically, mentally, socially, intimately, financially or spiritually) and together determine the steps that will help you arrive at your desired destination.

My areas of specialty are:

  • Anxiety & Stress Management 

  • Fitness/Nutrition & Weight Loss 

  • Pre-Engagement & Relationship

  • Adult ADHD Task & Goal Management

  • ​Adulting: Maturing, Decisioning & Direction


The majority of our challenges in life typically come down to having a mindset that is not in line with our goals. Or, beliefs that are unfounded and those beliefs hold us back from becoming our best selves and living our greatest lives!!!!

Once the mind and body are aligned, we see great success in many areas of our lives.

Often, we are hesitant to seek help because of shame or embarrassment. In a world where everyone on social portrays their lives as "PERFECT" it's sometimes difficult to admit to ourselves, we would like a hand at grabbing a better, more balanced, happier, more fulfilled life. You are most likely here reading this because you feel it is probably time to stop waiting and wanting and to start doing. I will listen to YOU. I will help YOU!