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Anthony Johnson - Relationship Creator

Helping you to discover who you TRULY are.

Building the relationship with YOURSELF.

Exploring your potential.

Activating your creativity.

Expanding you as an individual.

Connecting you with your greater self!

If you have ever answered the question: "How are you?"

With; "I'm good"

then felt deep down inside, "I wish things were different"

let's connect so you discover how things can be different FOR YOU.

After you get the career, the money, the car, the family, the friends, the status, the travel and everything on the checklist.....and still feel that "something" is missing.


My name is Anthony and I create great relationships!

My personal path has lead to an  awareness of who I am at my core. I have discovered what I like and what I don't like.

What I want and what I don't want. Where I want to be and where I don't want to be. What serves me and what does not serve me.

Who I am, who I can become and how to get there!

I have made a conscious decision, to NOT settle.

I have worked through my own weight loss, weight gain, loneliness, abandonment, sadness, "stuckness", depression, anger, feelings of being lost, unworthy, not good enough and the list continues....

On the other side of that.....I found me. I found freedom.

I found the meaning of LIFE. LIVING!

The journey YOU and I will take, will inspire you to do something similar.

Free yourself of the limiting beliefs and things you currently feel are obstacles to your feelings of fulfillment.

Deep down long for MORE. You desire MORE.

You deserve MORE.
During our relationship, you will feel empowered and have greater understanding of how

YOU have the ability to create your future and get away from those things that now seem to hold you and limit you.

I invite you to read the top of this page again.
I look forward to taking this journey with YOU. 


Pre-Engagement & Marriage


Family Dynamics & Parenting

Positive Mindset & Law of Attraction
(Inner Calmness/Consciously create)

Emotional Men
Masculine males
managing masculine emotions

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