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Family Dynamics & Parenting

Managing Relationships with Children

Parenting is an amazing adventure!!! But, does anyone really teach us how to be parents? If I get a book, how is that book geared specifically to me into my child or children?

Let's face it, being a parent is unique. I have to do with everything that I'm going through mentally, physically, and emotionally, and then I have to do with, everything that my child is dealing with mentally, physically and emotionally. That can be quite a challenge.

Before we stress out, we must understand, that children are placed with us, to be guided by us. To be taken care of by us.

Children, are not given to us, for us to change, or control, or to live vicariously through, or to mold into what we think they "should" be.

This is where many parents, find raising children a challenge. It's simply because, they have the wrong ideas, and they are going about it in the wrong way.

Let's talk about how we can unconditionally love our children, help them understand their own individual power, and help them become the people that they are meant to be. Not the people, or the adults, or even the children, that we want, think we deserve, or what we consider projects to fix.

Although, many will disagree, children are placed with us for our love and our care. They are not placed with us, so that we can control, fix, direct, build into, formulate or create, or be everything that we always wish that we could be but, were not.

Children can help us heal our own individual personal trauma. But, we must understand what our trauma is, and what their purpose is.

Once we have a true vision of the directions that our lives are destined to move in because of these facts, our lives with our children will blossom with love and understanding and contribute to universal expansion.

                                                                                                             What "YOU" will discover:

1. The universal purpose of relationships and parenting.

2. How to understand, support and guide.

3. How your parents affect your relations.

4. How to parent differently than you were parented.

5. How emotions affect actions and reactions.

6. How to realize our "state" prior to, during and after interactions.

7. How to redirect and refocus when negative thoughts arrive.

8. How to build authentic connections with partners and children.

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