Adult ADHD Task & Goal Management Coaching

For Adults ages: 25+

We live in a fast-moving world. We have what can often feel like 100 things to remember in the course of one day. Get up, make lunch, take the dog out, wake the kids, feed kids, feed dog, make coffee, feed ourselves, drive kids, drive ourselves, finish a report, join a meeting, call our spouse about dinner, plan the weekend, cancel dinner reservations, lower the thermostat at home, lock the door, “Oh crap, where is my phone????” You get the idea! Exhausting right?

Stressed Man

Maybe, just maybe, you find this more difficult to manage then the average person? We all forget things from time to time. Do you feel you forget things more often then your friends and family?
How about completing tasks or chores like laundry, taking out trash or, reading a book or running the vacuum? Maybe you get the trash out of the can but, it sits at the back door for a few days until, YOU finally notice or someone says, “Hey, why is that trash still there?”
Sometimes, it just a thing. Sometimes, it’s something greater like, Adult ADHD. Missing a few more appointments than usual. Losing keys, phones, wallets, purses and other smaller items. Perhaps, higher levels of stress due to excessive thoughts. Or, perhaps feelings of shame because you feel you lose things or miss appointments that most people around you do not. You may also be overly sensitive emotionally. Or, overly sensitive to noise, sounds or surfaces like furniture or clothes. Perhaps the idea of sitting down for two hours to read a book seem overwhelming and when you tried, you lasted about five minutes.
All of these could potentially be signs of Adult ADHD. Many adults go undiagnosed because there is often a fine line between what we consider a problem and what we consider manageable. Everyone forgets. Everyone runs late. Everyone starts tasks they don’t finish. However, if it is a consistent pattern that causes us anxiety and feelings of inadequacy, we need to get a real ADHD test to be sure and based on the result, start a plan for better success!

There are a few Adult ADHD tests online that you can use to start, prior to professional testing.
Once you have a better understanding of what may be going on, we will work together to build a plan that will help you get through your daily routine with less anxiety, tools to help you remember tasks, tools to help you complete started tasks and projects, build confidence, raise self-esteem and mange long term planning that spans weeks, months or years.
Nailing down the issue is step one. Getting a hand with the things that seem challenging is step two!
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