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*Affordable Packages*

The 3,6 and 12 month programs include text and email support*
*(Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm est)
YOU deserve to be happy in YOUR relationships!
Waiting, doesn't do anything but, extend unhappy experiences!
It is okay to get help creating a great relationship!
The "TOP" sports stars did not become stars without a coach!
Learn how to feel "SAFE" and relaxed in YOUR relationship!

Men, understand how to remain "MASCULINE" and vulnerable!
Women, understand how to remain "FEMININE" and powerful!

Learn to communicate without, ARGUMENTS!
Learn to ACCEPT, SUPPORT and SHARE with each other!

My questions to YOU: "What will waiting change?"

And, "Why not just call to see how it works?"

Pricing... &...costs.... &..... value, is somewhat...tricky!
Ask yourself: "What is feeling unseen/unheard and unimportant costing ME?"
"What is leaving this relationship going to cost me?"
"If there are children, how are the children experiencing this relationship?"
"How valuable is MY time and MY life while remaining UNHAPPY?"
"Am I worth it - Or, am I worth a whole lot more, and NOT seeing MY VALUE"
"YOU" deserve to FEEL loved, connected and safe being WHO YOU WANT TO BE!

Most coaches help people better their relationships - I help YOU experience a better LIFE!
Do this for YOURSELF and maybe, even help those YOU love! 

One Coin


10 Session

Image by Jingming Pan


15 Session

                  *What "YOU" Get from Coaching*

1. Understanding Yourself through Self Inquiry

2. Awareness of various "PARTS" of Yourself

3. Insight into Your Attachment Style and Personas

4. How Attachment Style and Parts drive actions and behaviors

5. How Awareness of actions and reactions lead to Emotional Intelligence

6. How Emotional Intelligence leads to Inner Peace and Calmness

7. How to use Inner Peace and Calmness in your Relationships

8. How to Communicate in a Nonviolent manner

9. How Mindset affects Relationship outcomes

10. How these points are used in all aspects of life!

Image by Kazzle John Delbo


20 Session






6 Months /24wks



1 year/52wks

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