Positive Mindset & Law of Attraction Experience

Embrace Life’s Challenges through CBT

So, like….life is hard right? What if like, no one ever really said, “One day YOU will need to be able to do ALL of this on your own!” I mean, really? So like, you won’t ALWAYS pay my bills, save money for ME and cook my meals? Well, aside from ordering out – I mean.


But, yeh! I have many younger friends that are like, “There are sooooo many decisions to make!” “I get afraid I will screw up and make a bad decision so, I either take forever or just never decide!” I get it. I was there once too. I think the thing is, back then, we just jumped and wound up where we landed. If it worked great. If not, we found alternatives. Today, younger adults feel like they are being judged. Judged by family, friends and society.


You know, like the, FB, IG and SC family! Well, it’s all good. We all need help sometimes, in different areas. This coaching helps you build a plan for making life easier for you while helping you advance to the next chapter with some ease. Topics covered will include managing money & finances, dealing with conflict, communication, confidence and negotiating relationships.


Also, cooking, cleaning, socializing, juggling family & friends while looking at long term planning like marriage, starting a family, career, buying a home and retirement. The topics lead to a feeling of freedom, knowledge and independence which lead to confidence and the urge to continue to grow!