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The FITNESS Connection

Unlike traditional "Fitness Training  and Personal Training" which can take months and even years to see positive results. We explore the basis of your fitness pitfalls. With Active Achievement Processes , YOU are aware of your current thoughts and behaviors and YOU also become aware of the steps YOU need to take for positive change.

Healthy Breakfast


Eat the Healthy Foods You Enjoy

With all the "diets" available, there's no wonder staying healthy is so confusing. We will discuss your food and wellness goals from a thought-based approach and determine what will help you get into better shape mentally and physically.
Learn to eat healthy while being satisfied. When you choose to make a life change, it should be fun and enjoyable and also deliver positive results.
Also, you must "like" it or, you will never stick with it!

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I was overweight as a kid and weighed 184 in the 4th grade! I weighed 270 in the 8th grade! I wore a size 46 waist and the store carried up to size 48 waist. I remember my mom saying. “If you get any BIGGER, you won’t be able to shop here for long.” I was terrified. I thought, where will I get clothes? 

I began to lose weight in high school. I lost more weight after high school.

My weight decreased to 170lbs by the time I was 24.

The point is, I know how to lose weight. But, more importantly, I know how to keep weight lost weight, loss.

That is the key to getting healthy and fit. The ability to maintain your success!


I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their fitness goals by managing the issues that may be holding them back from successfully achieving those goals. Often stress, anxiety, family, workplace and other life situations can cause us to use food as a coping mechanism.

Mindset is a major factor in most life goals: Weight loss, fitness, relationships, stress and overall well-being.

I will help you understand what the foundation and mindset needs to be for getting into optimal health; emotionally and physically and managing to stay that way for years to come.

I look forward to helping you see that same lifetime success with regards to better overall fitness!

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