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THOUGHT-BASED APPROACH using Personal Experience

Anxiety & Stress Management

Stress & Anxiety Management through CBT

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything off as completed? Do you consider yourself "stressed out" or unable to complete simple personal goals because you're frequently tired, too busy or simply unmotivated?
As a Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner will work together help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. You will gain a better understanding of how your thoughts and emotions lead you through life. While leaving any negative thoughts and emotions behind, it’s time for YOU to take control.

You will learn to lessen negative self-talk, think positively and build confidence in yourself and your abilities. As we work together through the areas you feel are not serving you, you will uncover ways to be at peace and more in balance with stress and anxiety levels being lowered and greater feeling of fulfillment.
Get in touch today and learn how these processes and techniques may be beneficial to you on your journey to a more balanced life.

Couple Hugging on a Pier

Pre-Engagement & Relationship

Embrace Life’s Challenges through CBT

Life can throw many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to situations. Using a thought-based approach via Cognitive Behavior Therapy, you’ll learn about acceptance of your thoughts, how to better manage future decisions and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. Especially, in relationships.
Let’s face it, our relationships can be one of the most challenging aspects of our lives but, they don’t have to be. Intimate relationships are meant to “flow.” We should feel comfort, peace, satisfaction and most importantly, LOVE. Both giving love and receiving love.
We will look at ways to make your relationship “flow” on a daily basis. We will look at habits, patterns and most importantly thoughts! How are those thoughts validated or warranted?
Pre-engagement & Relationship Coaching helps couples understand that moving forward towards marriage is a major step in life. It is not one to take lightly. You will both need to FULLY understand each other on ALL levels.
Why get engaged or married if you don’t fully understand the person you are going to marry? Our processes will help you explore all facets of each person’s, needs, desires, likes, dislikes and goals. Not only in the relationship, but in life. Afterall, you will be spending much of that together. This is your greatest challenge!!!! Are you up for it?
You should be. Otherwise, you are walking a path that may not be as fulfilling as you and your partner desire.
Our goal is to ensure that you have BOTH chosen the ideal partner and that you are both ready to commit to many years of love, acceptance, compassion, encouragement, support and most importantly, EASE and FUN!
During the initial consult, we will determine exactly what the best approach may be to get you feeling that the decisions you are making are the best, for both of you.

Adult ADHD Task & Goal Management

For Adults ages: 25+

We live in a fast-moving world. We have what can often feel like 100 things to remember in the course of one day. Get up, make lunch, take the dog out, wake the kids, feed kids, feed dog, make coffee, feed ourselves, drive kids, drive ourselves, finish a report, join a meeting, call our spouse about dinner, plan the weekend, cancel dinner reservations, lower the thermostat at home, lock the door, “Oh crap, where is my phone????” You get the idea! Exhausting right?
Maybe, just maybe, you find this more difficult to manage then the average person? We all forget things from time to time. Do you feel you forget things more often then your friends and family?
How about completing tasks or chores like laundry, taking out trash or, reading a book or running the vacuum? Maybe you get the trash out of the can but, it sits at the back door for a few days until, YOU finally notice or someone says, “Hey, why is that trash still there?”
Sometimes, it just a thing. Sometimes, it’s something greater like, Adult ADHD. Missing a few more appointments than usual. Losing keys, phones, wallets, purses and other smaller items. Perhaps, higher levels of stress due to excessive thoughts. Or, perhaps feelings of shame because you feel you lose things or miss appointments that most people around you do not. You may also be overly sensitive emotionally. Or, overly sensitive to noise, sounds or surfaces like furniture or clothes. Perhaps the idea of sitting down for two hours to read a book seem overwhelming and when you tried, you lasted about five minutes.
All of these could potentially be signs of Adult ADHD. Many adults go undiagnosed because there is often a fine line between what we consider a problem and what we consider manageable. Everyone forgets. Everyone runs late. Everyone starts tasks they don’t finish. However, if it is a consistent pattern that causes us anxiety and feelings of inadequacy, we need to get a real ADHD test to be sure and based on the result, start a plan for better success!
There are a few Adult ADHD tests online that you can use to start, prior to professional testing.
Once you have a better understanding of what may be going on, we will work together to build a plan that will help you get through your daily routine with less anxiety, tools to help you remember tasks, tools to help you complete started tasks and projects, build confidence, raise self-esteem and mange long term planning that spans weeks, months or years.
Nailing down the issue is step one. Getting a hand with the things that seem challenging is step two!
Visit the Contact page for a free 15-minute consult and let’s see how we can get you on the road to a more relaxed life.

Positive Mindset & Law of Attraction

Embrace Life’s Challenges through CBT

Ever have feelings of things not working out for you? Or, perhaps if does not seem like your future is bright and exciting. Perhaps you have goals but, you don’t truly believe you can achieve them. Have you failed in the past and simply assume you will fail in the future? Maybe you are surrounded by people you see as successful, friends and family or, those posers on social that have fabulous cars, hundreds of friends and huge houses and you think, “That’ll never be me!”
Well, guess what, it’s not them either. We all have goals; we all have the ability to achieve them. Wanting to, or trying to be like “the others” is a silly waste of time.
Positive Mindset Coaching is a short-term session program that looks at your goals, determines the most achievable path to get you there in the most reasonable amount of time and then sets you free! Now, it’s your turn to take the plan and run with it.

You can return in the predetermined timeframe for follow-ups and readjustments but, for the most part, we work on seeing ONLY the positive, not living in the past, future focus, goal-oriented tasks.
In most cases, this is achieved in one package of five sessions!
Visit the Contact page for a free 15-minute consult and let’s see how we can get you moving in the direction you were meant to be moving in.

Adulting: Maturing, Decisioning & Direction Coaching

So, like….life is hard right? What if like, no one ever really said, “One day YOU will need to be able to do ALL of this on your own!” I mean, really? So like, you won’t ALWAYS pay my bills, save money for ME and cook my meals? Well, aside from ordering out – I mean. But, yeh!

I have many younger friends that are like, “There are sooooo many decisions to make!” “I get afraid I will screw up and make a bad decision so, I either take forever or just never decide!”

I get it. I was there once too. I think the thing is, back then, we just jumped and wound up where we landed. If it worked great. If not, we found alternatives. Today, younger adults feel like they are being judged. Judged by family, friends and society. You know, like the, FB, IG and SC family!

Well, it’s all good. We all need help sometimes, in different areas. This coaching helps you build a plan for making life easier for you while helping you advance to the next chapter with some ease.

Topics covered will include managing money & finances, dealing with conflict, communication, confidence and negotiating relationships. Also, cooking, cleaning, socializing, juggling family & friends while looking at long term planning like marriage, starting a family, career, buying a home and retirement. The topics lead to a feeling of freedom, knowledge and independence which lead to confidence and the urge to continue to grow!

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